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Gateway Brown's Creek
Trail Association
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GBCTA Officers and Board of Directors 



Beth Hayden, President  

While I love the paths and bike lanes of my daily commute in the core metro, they pale in comparison to the natural escape the Gateway and Brown’s Creek trails offer. To have such a beautiful trail amenity right here, connecting communities with each other and with nature, is something I treasure. Being on the board gives me an opportunity to advocate for the trails, to work with a very dedicated and gifted board of directors and the dedicated staff at DNR, and to have productive fun.

Jon Slock, Vice President (Facebook Manager)

I love the Gateway Trail because it's an amazing mix of rural, suburban, and urban.  Especially because of the urban/suburban side of the trail, it's the most accessible DNR trail in the state. While I do run the Facebook page, I'm one of the few Ramsey County residents on the board, so I also take extra effort to advocate for that stretch of trail.  

The closest trailhead for me is at Arlington Ave in St. Paul.  You're most likely to see my walking or running between Arlington and the Vento Trail, but it's also common for me to bike out past 694 on the weekend in the summer.  If you ever see me on the trail, definitely say hello!

Laurie Mainquist, Treasurer

Why I love the trail? Its connections to nature. Closest trailhead to where you live? Lansing Avenue North in Grant. Why are you part of the board? I keep track of our income and spending so that the GBCTA has a clear picture of our financial situation. What we would be likely to to see you doing on the trail? Biking to Stillwater or the library in Mahtomedi, enjoying the plants and animals along the way.

Kerri Kolstad, Secretary/Membership Director

You can typically find Kerri at the Highway 96 parking lot for a Sunday morning run. Kerri came to love the beauty, wildlife, and people along the trail while training for four Twin Cities Marathons on the trail many years ago, so she was very honored to join the GBCTA board as Secretary in 2019. She wants to make sure that members know how important they are to the trail’s future!

Officer at large:                   

Liz Stejskal, Volunteer Coordinator

Why you love the trail: The Gateway and Brown’s Creek Trails are a huge asset to citizens of the Twins Cities and surrounding metro areas. We can get out and enjoy these trails in so many ways; walking, running, biking, roller blading, roller skiing, horseback riding, even driving a horse-drawn carriage! A few minutes after starting out, I’m transported into a wonderful natural world, even though the city is not far away. Watching the seasons change along the trail is a real joy, and helps ground me. Closest trailhead to where you live:  Ramsey County Court House/Maplewood Community Center parking lot. Why you are part of the board: If I use the trail, it’s important that I actively support in some way.  What we would be likely to see you doing on the trail: Biking, running, walking, or off to the side looking at something interesting!


Lorrie Bohl (Equestrian Liaison)

Andre Bessette (Webmaster)

Steve Kahn, Newsletter Editor
I live biking distance to the Gateway and feel lucky to have such a beautiful trail so close. If we saw each other on the trail I would probably be biking, whether it was spring, summer, fall or winter.  On the Board because it is an important resource that is not to be taken for granted. 

John Kimberly

I love the trail because it is close to my home, is free of vehicular traffic and a beautiful resource. The trail is a minute from my home at the near the 13 mile mark. I am serving on the board in order to contribute to  improving the trail, participating in trail activities and working with a great and dedicated board. I run, ski, walk my dog, bike and snow shoe on the trail and am on it nearly every day.

Dennis Lindeke (Trail Extension & Legislative Advocate) (Bluebird Keeper)

I’ve been a Board Member for about 10 years. Serving as President for three years, preceding Beth Hayden.  The Association is in much better hands now. We live closest to the trailhead at Hwy 96, but also not too far from Pine Point Park.I love these trails in all seasons, and love giving back to the community in support of them.  My wife and I bike the trails at least twice/week.  And you can often find us taking a break at one of the lovely spots in Stillwater, the Gasthaus, or Gateway Trailside. 

During the past year of COVID, and my first year of not being President for a while, I enjoyed some mundane tasks like tending to the 16 bluebird houses on the Gateway Trail, taking wildlife and wildflower photos, repairing and replacing map boxes, and shoveling horse poo off the Manning Ave bridge.  This year I added 10 more bluebird houses to the Browns Creek Trail, with the help of good folks from Sustainable Stillwater.  

Rob McKim (Community Liaison)

I’ve been a resident of Stillwater for 26 years. I used the trail for years to commute in bike to Minneapolis. As well it is a valuable amenity for the entire community, including my kids and now, grandkids.

Pam Meyer (Graffiti Removal Captain)

I’ve loved the GBCT since I first moved to the Twin Cities in 1993. I began biking the trail with a club and now I live just a few miles from the trail head in Mahtomedi. I’ve trained for bike tours and I’ve walked with friends. Most important to me, I feel a real sense of peace as I commune with nature each time I’m on the trail. I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors by Al Porter and Barb Wahman. After my husband, Kirk Meyer, passed away, I planted trees at the Hadley Parking lot boulevard to provide shade n his honor. Barb and Al were helpful in arranging that with the DNR. 

Biking is a passion of mine, I’ve biked the US, Canada and Europe. Yet, many of my favorite rides begin and end on the GBCT. 

Ed Sanderson

Ed Sanderson is a civil engineer and urban planner passionate about public transit, complete streets, sustainable land use, and green infrastructure networks. When not coaching and chasing his two boys around, Ed volunteers on Marine on St. Croix’s Planning Commission and EMS/fire department. He enjoys cycling on the Gateway and Brown’s Creek trails and looks forward to working with the Board and others to further the discussion around extending the Gateway through Marine, Scandia and beyond.

Barb Wahman

My name is Barbara Wahman. I've been on the board for over 20 years. I was volunteer co-ordinator for most of those years recruiting over 100 volunteers over the years as litter patrol for the trail. I now live in Stillwater, Oak Park Heights so the closest trailhead would be Brown's Creek Park or downtown Stillwater. I've recently turned over my duties to Liz Stepskal.  

Kim Weber
You will find me in the nature and cleaning up of debris along with talking with local candidates for continuing the extension to Duluth! I live near white bear ave and am on the trail every day! I wish to see this be a legacy for future generations. 

  Bob Zuzek (Scandia Extension Liaison)

Honorary Board Members:

Bob Hagstrom (past president)

Doug Schwartz (past president)

Peter Seed

Vik Wilson (past president)

Equestrian Liaison:

Judy Drew

MN DNR Liaisons:

Rachel Henzen

Acquisitions: Brandon Helm

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