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New Trails in Stillwater link to new St Croix crossing bridge plus new parking

09/16/2018 4:37 PM | Ian Harding

There are now 2 options to get from downtown Stillwater to the new St Croix crossing and a new trailhead with parking.

From the riverside trail in front of the Dock Café in Stillwater the newly completed trail proceeds S past parking to a split . The lower trail stays along the river (flooding in times of very high water) and then climbs steeply to highway 95 and a new parking lot . The upper trail (some fencing work ongoing) climbs gradually to highway  95 and proceeds along the E side of highway 95 to the same parking lot where the upper and lower trails combine. Another 150 yards of combined trail takes you to the trail across the bridge to enjoy the views and possibly rides on roads in WI.

So now we have 100% asphalt separated trails linking the Gateway Brown's Creek Trail network with the St Croix crossing bridge .  The completion of the final segment (down the hill from Houlton and across the old Stillwater lift bridge) is expected some time in Sept 2019. Watch this space for updates. 

More information about the loop

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