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A vibrant and active community ....Traffic counts on Brown's Creek trail

10/26/2018 12:34 PM | Ian Harding

This is what an active and vibrant community looks like!

The DNR has installed permanent traffic counters on 5 of the state trails including the Brown's Creek trail near Stillwater.

GBCTA has been given a sneak preview of some of the raw data for summer and it shows between 600 and 1600 active folks each day on foot or on bikes on the trail during the summer. If they are like me they also probably visit the now pedestrian friendly downtown for something to eat or drink.

Thank you to our community leaders for their well laid plans for trails in the community that benefit all. We look forward to the Houlton loop trail completion in summer 2019.

Thank you to the DNR for setting up and collecting the data. The sensors count pedestrians vs bikes, and direction of travel. The data is automatically uploaded to the DNR daily so this will be an good tool for future decision making.

More data is here: Brown's Creek Trail Counting Data summer 2018.pdf

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