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New bridge at Hadley Ave in Oakdale - 2019-2020 project

11/29/2018 9:11 PM | Ian Harding

Construction will begin in 2019 to realign the trail at Hadley Ave, just south of Fleet Farm. Hadley Ave will become a bridge at the trail junction, with the Gateway trail running under Hadley in an on-grade box culvert style tunnel. The traffic lights at Hadley will be replaced with a clover leaf interchange, and Hadley will be a bridge over Hwy 36.

In Spring 2019  a long trail detour will be added to bypass the construction area. The detour will use city streets, taking trail users about ½ mile south to the next I-694 underpass at Hadley Ave. and then back N  The project should be completed in 2020. The estimated project cost is $1,400,000 for the trail crossing project.

More details are at :

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