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SAFETY ALERT in N St Paul / Maplewood at road crossings

07/14/2019 9:44 AM | Ian Harding

There is a lot of construction in Maplewood and N. St. Paul that is near or involves the trail - Frost Ave, Manton Ave., and County Rd. B.  Any street intersection on the trail  between White Bear Ave. and McKnight (there are 2; 7th Avenue and County Rd. B itself) is affected. Local traffic is re-routed here in multiple patterns, so these 2 street intersections now carry greatly increased traffic. Some of it is local, and folks know about the trail. But many cars are non-local, and have no idea the trail is there. Plus, there are cones and barriers that narrow those roads to one lane, so cars have to go one-by-one. In the last few weeks there have been many ‘near misses’ as cars crossing the trail don’t slow at all. Many folks are just trying to get out of the construction as quickly as possible, but many drivers do not seem to be heeding stops signs or speed limits! Trail users should take extra caution along the trail between White Bear Avenue and McKnight because of this.

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